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  • Pre-employment polygraph
  • Incident polygraph
  • Criminal History check
  • Credit history check
  • Qualifications verification
  • Voice Polygraph training

Pre-employment check
Why put your business at risk by employing someone who could be undesirable, misleading or dishonest. It is important that Employees can be trusted. Our pre-employment testing is a general honesty test into the areas of work history, education, criminality, honesty, illegal drug use, theft and fraud.

Incident Polygraph
When there is an incident separating the honest from the untruthful people is paramount so that the employer – employee truct with the honest staff is not broken down and the investigation can focus on the right people in the right areas to resolve the incident as quickly as possible to prevent any further financial loses and possible reputation damage to the company. Action can also then be taken against the guilty party.

Criminal History check
AFIS Fingerprint check - Determine criminal record status via afiswitch using electronic fingerprints

Credit History check
Financial Check (Transunion ITC)- Credit check to assess applicant’s financial history using Transunion
Academic qualification check
Academic Qualification (South Africa) - verify validity of SA tertiary qualifications

Voice Polygraph examiners course
  • A one week module.
Course material covers all the essentials required to produce high quality, reliable results.
  • Biology, psycho-physiology, psychological set, Complete pre-test, in-test and post test procedures, Question Constructs, Software Instruction.
  • Embraces original polygraph methodologies.
  • As the software utilises a neural network processor (Artificial Intelligence) the training module is shortened considerably. This technology performs 90% of the work and delivers same accuracy levels as traditional polygraph
We utilize AVSAPRO systems. For more detailed info on the Avsapro software and how it works visit or
  • 5 days standard module
  • Standard Module package: R50,000
  • Package Includes: 1xAvsapro licence, drivers, setup, usb headset, Usb hub, splitter and RAMboost Usb, training & reference notes on usb drive, all stationery requirements