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Welcome to Life Crusader Polygraph Services

Life Crusader Polygraph Services offers polygraph testing services for both the corporate and private sector. LCPS uses the world renowned AVSAPRO fully automated voice polygraph technology.

The advantages of doing a polygraph test for incidents (such as: theft, fraud, information leaks etc) assists in eliminating the truthful and honest persons quickly from further investigation so that the investigation can focus in the right direction to get a speedy resolution to the incident. In doing so the loses to you or your organization can be greatly minimized.

LCPS also offers a pre-employment background checks. You can choose just to do just a pre-employment polygraph test to check for general honesty and integrity of the person you wish to employ, or alternatively you can take the whole package which includes a criminal back ground check via AFIS, a credit history check and qualifications verification. Knowing you are employing an honest and good employee upfront is hugely advantageous to employers. Once someone is employed and incidents happen, the cost of the loses and the costs incurred to then get rid of that employee and get a replacement on board are huge. A small cost upfront to do these checks and give you peace of mind could save you thousands down the line.

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